Trisomy Awareness

As parents, we celebrate our children’s beauty, strength and abilities.  When your child has Trisomy sometimes it is more challenging for others to see past their disabilities.  Therefore, Eva's Gift helps families raise awareness for Trisomy through a few different projects yearly.  Our goal is to share the love, the smiles and the abilities of our children.  We strive to enlighten the world about the amazingly wonderful impact our children with Trisomy have made on our lives. We provide information and share organizations we've found to be helpful for our Trisomy families. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. Together we can help bring a more positive and hopeful outlook to the diagnosis of Trisomy.

Our slideshow shares facts and information about Trisomy and genetics.  Slides were created by Hope for Trisomy organization. 

Resources and Information for TRISOMY PARENTS.

Resources and Information for FLORIDA PARENTS.

​​Eva's Gift T.E.A.M.

(Trisomy Evolution And Movement)

Eva's Gift T.E.A.M.'s (Trisomy Evolution And Movement) mission is to create evolution for our children with Trisomy.  Our T.E.A.M.’s goal is to create this change through a movement of education.  We will educate and encourage others to learn more about Trisomy through highlighting our heroes. 

Each Trisomy Superhero’s biggest fan will share their special powers, who their allies are and even learn about their enemies!  In the future we plan to also share short comic strips featuring some of our Superheroes.

Our Trisomy Superheroes are strong, resilient & amazing!  They display amazing determination and love for life.  Our Trisomy Superheroes are not only our heroes but they are our teachers.  Eva’s Gift T.E.A.M. will do our best to share the lessons we’ve learned from our Trisomy Superheroes.

Please enjoy our Eva’s Gift T.E.A.M. Superhero pages.  Read about our Trisomy Superheroes, share our page with others, be a part of our Eva’s Gift T.E.A.M.!  Together we will create an evolution and end th​e negative thoughts others place upon the label of Trisomy.

If you have a Superhero that you would like to highlight please email us-