Seasons of Trisomy Calendar celebrates the beauty and strength of our children with Trisomy while raising awareness all year long! Our goal is to give parents a place to show off the beauty, resilience and strength of their children via our Seasons of Trisomy Calendar and Facebook page. We share a new Seasons of Trisomy Calendar photo monthly and calendars are available for sale during the months of October and once again in January via our Eva's Gift Seasons of Trisomy Calendar Fundraiser.  

For more information about our calendar email us or visit our Facebook page.​ 

Our March Trisomy Awareness Poster is a collage of photos of our amazing children and adults with Trisomy available online or as a print.  Every year we collect pictures of children with Trisomy from around the world to share on our awareness posters.  A picture is worth a million words... and we hope those million words include love, life, joy and the phrase compatible with life!  For more info on our March Trisomy Awareness Poster email us or visit our Facebook page.  

​March Trisomy Awareness Poster

Seasons of Trisomy Calendar